About Us

BatteryHouse Sdn Bhd is a cell based company specializing in providing creative solutions relating to energy and electrical issues.

The company, located in the heart of Malaysia’s capital city, Kuala Lumpur can be found in one of the most well known business districts, known as Petaling Jaya.

The company has evolved from being a distributor of renowned battery brands to an assembly plant for lithium ion phosphate batteries 

With leading experts on acid and lithium energy solutions, BatteryHouse Sdn Bhd currently sits on the forefront of the energy storage industry as one of the most successful energy solutions providers.

The company’s main goal is to assist clients who are having problems in choosing the right power source for their desired applications. For example: Whether to choose automotive batteries for marine applications or solar applications. BatteryHouse Sdn Bhd does not merely seek to provide a solution, but instead seeks to educate their clients regarding the issue as well as supply them with top notch quality products imported from overseas.


BatteryHouse Sdn Bhd houses many different types of batteries, each suited for different purposes such as transportation, household appliances, and high tech energy devices. These batteries can be further classified into several different categories such as Automotive, Marine, Truck Batteries, Diesel Engines, and Batteries for Cleaning appliances. Thanks to the partnership forged with Banner Batteries, BatteryHouse now has access to Banner Automotive batteries and is currently the sole distributor of these batteries in Malaysia.
As the leading energy solutions provider in Malaysia, BatteryHouse Sdn Bhd sought to expand its services globally. Its first great achievement was partnering with Deka Batteries to be the first Deka distributor in Malaysia. Deka Batteries is a leading provider of high-end batteries for marine, RV, 4×4 auxiliary, and other power sports applications. They are made in USA and Pennsylvania, and are well known for their reliability and versatility. As the main distributor to Deka, BatteryHouse imports these batteries for outlets such as Power Sports, Harley Davidson, BMW Motorrad, Diesel Engine Starting and Marine.
Following that successful venture, BatteryHouse then partnered with Banner Batteries and subsequently Discover Batteries to expand its range of services. Banner Batteries is an independent Australia based company and an international player with long-term experience in the manufacture and sale of starter batteries, industrial batteries and battery accessories. As per our partnership, BatteryHouse helps to import Banner Running Bull AGM with 24 months warranty for Automotives and Banner Buffalo Bull SHD PRO with 18 months warranty for trucks. The truck batteries can be used for many types of vehicles, including but not limited to Volvo, Scania, and MAN truck.
Discover BATTERY
Finally, Discover Battery leads the industry in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of leading-edge battery technologies to the transportation, motive power, and energy storage industries. As the distributor for Discover Battery, BatteryHouse imports Discover Battery for various types of applications, ranging from household applications such as Cleaning Machine to high tech Solar and Deep Cycle applications.

BatteryHouse is currently trying to establish a global network of partnerships with renowned manufacturers around the world to provide top notch quality components to its clients in Malaysia anytime and anywhere.