Aerial Work Platform

Reliable power source for your construction machinery

Aerial Work Platform

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Aerial Work Platform

Aerial Work Platforms (AWP) and Scissor Lift require reliable, efficient and long lasting power source that our battery brands can provide. A scissor lift or aerial work platform raises you at the right workplace by pushing up a platform.

There are devices that can take you to a small altitude. Also scissor lifts that can bring you to a large height difference. Electric aerial work platforms have batteries in the chassis, so the device can move sideways and steer the platform vertically.

We offer the most reliable deep cycle battery brands in Discover Deep Cycle AGM and US Battery for both maintenance and non-maintenance free options.

Discover Deep Cycle AGM Battery

Sealed, maintenance-free, nonspillable, deep-cycle Deep Cycle AGM batteries eliminate maintenance costs and increase productivity by delivering long high discharge runtimes and good cycle life. Deep Cycle AGM are designed to deliver long high operating current runtime and to be regularly cycled to >50% DOD when proper charging sources are available.

US Battery

Scissor Lifts and other Aerial Work Platforms (AWP) require an efficient and reliable power source that U.S. Battery products can easily provide. The company’s line of Deep Cycle batteries is engineered with our exclusive XC2™ formulation and Diamond Plate Technology®. These features produce Aerial Work Platform Deep Cycle Batteries capable of maintaining peak capacity for longer periods between charges, delivering the highest total energy over the life of the batteries, and lowering operating costs.

Tasseract Lithium Series

Tasseract Lithium Series is a brand fully owned by BatteryHouse. These batteries are assembled by leading specialists in the forklift industry and they provide these batteries with the highest quality and precision manufacturing.

We provide 3 years warranty for these batteries and these batteries have been proven to work well in the forklift industry