Lithium Batteries

The Next Generation Power Solution

Lithium Batteries

The Next Generation Power Solution

Forklift Lithium Batteries

Lithium batteries are designed for many different applications, however, their advantages are particularly useful in intensive applications such as multi-shift operation and refrigerated storage.
Due to the elimination of emissions and possible impurities in lead-acid batteries, the technology is also particularly suitable for use in areas where a high degree of sensitivity is required, for instance the pharmaceutical or food industry.
BatteryHouse offers a wide range of customisable lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries to various applications, from stackers, to reach trucks and forklifts.


Charging Speeds

Lithium batteries are able to accept charge at a much quicker speed(2x) compared to lead acid batteries.

Opportunity Charging

Lithium batteries can be charged when given any opportunity without damaging its battery life.

This would significantly save time from battery swapping in conventional lead acid forklifts

Consistent Power

Lithium batteries deliver consistent power and battery voltage throughout the full charge, on the other hand lead acid battery delivery declining power throughout usage

Maintenance Free

Lithium batteries do not require watering and equalizing of the batteries, essentially saving much labour cost.

Tasseract Lithium Series

Tasseract Lithium Series is a brand fully owned by BatteryHouse. These batteries are assembled by leading specialists in the forklift industry and they provide these batteries with the highest quality and precision manufacturing.
We provide 3 years warranty for these batteries and these batteries have been proven to work well in the forklift industry.