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Lithium LiFePO4 BHCell Forklift


In today’s landscape, the significance of quality assurance cannot be overstated, especially when it comes to error and risk mitigation in lithium batteries. At Batteryhouse, we prioritize stringent quality control measures to ensure the utmost reliability and safety of our lithium battery products. Our comprehensive quality assurance process encompasses the meticulous stress testing of every raw material, including cells, BMS (Battery Management Systems), cables, connectors, casing, and other critical components.

Furthermore, our commitment to excellence is exemplified through a comprehensive multistep testing regimen. Each assembled lithium battery pack must successfully navigate through various quality gates, including a final discharge/charge test. These stringent measures are in place to guarantee the impeccable manufacturing and product quality of our lithium battery packs.

In our unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction and confidence, Batteryhouse offers an industry-leading warranty of up to 5 years for our lithium batteries. This warranty not only reflects our confidence in the reliability of our lithium battery products but also serves as a testament to our commitment to delivering superior batteries that our customers can trust without reservation.

Up To 5 Years Warranty

BatteryHouse provides up 5 years warranty for our batteries. Lithium batteries have a minimum 2,000 cycle life, which is approximately 5 years usage. 

VMS Test

Every battery goes through a charge/discharge test to ensure that the capacity of the battery cell and assembled battery pack do perform up to the specification. Furthermore, this test would also ensure that the Battery Management System will serve its functionality of protecting the battery.  

Manufactured & Tested In-House

Many of our lithium batteries are manufactured in our battery plant located in Petaling Jaya. Every individual component in an assembled battery pack are tested in-house to ensure that our customers receives the best lithium battery.


Compared with traditional battery technology, lithium-ion batteries charge faster, last longer and have a higher power density for more battery life in a lighter package. When you know a little about how they work, they can work that much better for you.



BHCell Forklift Lithium


Given the extensive utility of lithium batteries in various industries, it is essential to have a diverse range of options in terms of voltage and capacity to meet specific requirements. At BH Cell, we specialize in creating custom lithium battery solutions, particularly tailored for forklift applications.

The initial stage in crafting a personalized forklift lithium battery pack involves a complimentary consultation with our dedicated marketing team. During this consultation, our experts thoroughly examine your forklift’s power needs and conduct an initial feasibility analysis for your unique project.

In House Customize Lithium Battery Facility

VOLTAGE: 12V to 80V

Electric charge : UP TO 550AH

What Lithium Battery Should I Buy?

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